Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blanket Flowers

Gaillardia pulchella is a wildflower that is native to Florida.  Commonly known as Blanket Flower, there are many species and hybrid forms. 

The species plants should re-seed true to the parent but the hybrids may not produce identical offspring.  We have all different types of Blanket Flowers around My Garden Path.  Some are short and compact with large flowers, just the right size to grow beside the path.

Some are at least 24 inches tall and make a great background flower to complement other shorter blooming flower varieties.  The native G. pulchella that was planted here last year has re-seeded with abandon. 

However, some of the new seedlings have two different colors of flowers on the same plant.  I think there may have been some botanical hanky-panky going on around here.  Whatever the colors,  they are great repeat bloomers. 

Drought tolerant, heat tolerant, prolific blooms, attractive to butterflies and bees, Blanket Flower is a great wildflower for the sunny areas of the garden. 


  1. It is a great plant....lots of hanky panky going on I see. Just dropped your Slavia 'Blue Bedder' seeds in the mail...

  2. Great pictures! Isn't this flower great?! Mine started from a mix seed packet. There are two colors coming up, similar to yours. One has more red, and another has more yellow. Those little seedlings now grow huge for me, and I also see some self-seeding around the base. My friends are asking for them, so they will spread to other gardens for sure :)

  3. Hi Kay...Blanket flowers are one of my favorites. They're so easy and don't ask for anything in return. It is amazing how they can differ in coloration though...doesn't matter though because I haven't seen one I don't like yet.

  4. They're very cute, Kay, and bullet-proof, I hear. But in my brain they don't match up with the pastels of most of my roses. I like them in your garden though.

  5. It's great to know there are different varieties. Thanks for teaching me something today. Enjoy your beauties!

  6. I am a new convert to blanket flower, Kay. Your beautiful pictures explain just why. Love the post and your garden.

  7. Kay,
    The pathway looks stunning with those brightly hued gaillardia! I really enjoy all the varieties. Probably because they are SO easy.

    I only have pulchella from seed but for some strange reason a solid yellow has appeared. No idea where it came from. Pulchella are wonderful bloomers in lots of sun and semi- wonderful in filtered light. Regardless of location they drop lots of seeds for new starts. Which makes it nice for moving them where I DO want them.

  8. Finally this year I have gaillardia in my garden. It was so easy, just put some seed out. Hopefully they will reseed year after year.

  9. Darla - I'll be eagerly checking my mail - thanks! (I'm starting to love seeds.)

    Ami - I'm loving flowers that re-seed. This is the first spring I've had more than zinnias from seed. These blanket flowers are great.

    Susan - You are so right, I like all the colors and sizes of mine.

    sherryocala - I know what you mean about colors, but I gave up on the idea of trying to coordinate colors. Now, I just let all the flowers, whatever the color, bloom where they may.

    Daisy - I am enjoying the fact that these flowers make more of themselves and will come back in the spring. I pulled the parent plants last fall when they got too ratty looking but I've been told to just cut them back. Always learning.

    Susan - I think I'm a new convert too. I had a few last year and got tired of them when they grew weedy and tall and yanked 'em. Now, that I see they re-seeded I've got a whole lot more of them and a whole new attitude toward them.

    Meems - I have moved some seedlings too and they struggle for a while then seem to take hold and do well. I love a plant that makes more of itself!

    SiestaSister - I'm sure you will find new babies next spring. I just planted mine last year and now, I've got many, many more. Love them!

  10. Hello, my name is Maria Vargas and those Blanket Flowers look absolutely stunning! I am doing a project which involves creating an outfit out of Florida's native plants. I would really appreciate it if I could get some of the Blanket Flowers for my project to show there beauty. Thank You so much for your cooperation.


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