Thursday, April 14, 2011

Enchanting Hollyhocks

Growing Hollyhocks is something new here at My Garden Path.  Several of these double ruffled purple Vietnamese Hollyhocks were purchased and planted earlier this Spring. 

They are so frilly and full of blooms providing some vertical beauty against the plain wood fence.  The tops of some of the plants have died back after blooming and setting seed.  A little trim seems to cause them to start growing again from the bottom of the plant.  This is a learning process. 

Anyone have any words of wisdom about these gorgeous flowers?  I have saved some seeds hoping to keep them growing and blooming here.

This single pink with the radiant throat was one of three seedlings given to me last Spring.  The other two never matured and this one didn't start showing signs of growth until this Spring.

I am so glad this one persevered.  I think it's my favorite.  The color is so vibrant and that golden throat seems to be radiating sunshine.  When the seeds set on this one, they are definitely getting saved. 

Looks like the bees find these flowers alluring as well.  I've been told that these are different from the Hollyhocks grown "up north" in that they will withstand our Florida heat and humidity.  I'm sure hoping they do well here.  If anyone has experience with these please fill me in!  In the meantime I'm going to have fun experimenting.


  1. How wonderful that you've found a hollyhock that will do well here in our heat and humidity. I hope they continually do well there for you. I've not seen them this far south. Yours are really gorgeous and so cottage garden looking.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. I grew hollyhocks in my old Z7 garden. Didn't know they would grow here. Yours are just beautfiul! To me, they are a necessity for a cottage-style border. Good luck and keep us posted with your experiment!

  3. Those hollyhocks are just gorgeous! I love both versions of the flowers. The colors are very vibrant! Wonder if it has to be certain type to be able to survive our weather. How exciting to discover something new for your area (hope it works for my area too :))!

  4. I have grown Hollyhocks here before, I plant the seeds in the winter right in the gardens...I don't know these but they are gorgeous NanaK. I recieved the seeds in the mail today...going to start some right now...yours will be in the mail soon, I promise...been a little busy with the girls....thank you so much!!

  5. Hi Kay...Your hollyhocks are stunning! I grew Summer Carnival about 6 years ago after seeing a large bed of them at our local library. It's an annual variety though, so I don't know anything about your Vietnamese variety but it will be interesting to hear more about them as summer progresses. They were lots of fun to grow and I remember being tickled pink when they actually bloomed. It's fun to discover we can grow flowers we didn't know would survive here. Good luck with them.

  6. Wow! Those are beautiful hollyhocks. It is so great to know that they can be grown here. I have been wanting some for sooooo long. I think they would fit in great as companions to the roses, and add some height in the garden. I will have to order some seeds for sowing this year!

    Ps- I am really enjoying your blog, and the video a couple weeks back was so cute!


  7. Thanks for posting the pics of the hollyhocks. I bought some hollyhock seeds (along with several other packs of various seeds). Your pics confirmed that I do have hollyhocks coming up (leaves are the same). I don't know what color they will be, but hope they last all summer.

  8. FlowerLady - I've heard good things about these hollyhocks but I'm learning as I go. I'll have to give an update later in the summer.

    Floridagirl - I've been told these are a different variety that can be grown here. I'm sure hoping so. It's still not summer yet.

    Ami - I'll keep you posted as to how these do here through the summer.

    Darla - I've been told to start seeds in November for next year so maybe that part is the same as for "regular" hollyhocks. I've been letting some seed stay around these and I've collected some. Trying to cover all the bases since I don't know what I'm doing.

    Susan - Did yours make it through the summer? I've read that these are perennial but I don't know.

    Kenneth - I think these hollyhocks would look so good in your rose garden. Just look for the Vietnamese variety. I'm sure hoping they live up to all the hype. Thanks for the kind comment about my video:)

    SiestaSister - Oh good, I'm glad your seeds are coming up. Sure hope they do well for you. Our weather hasn't really heated up yet so I'm eager to see how real summer treats them.

  9. NanaK, I have been growing Vietnamese hollyhocks for years and sharing my seeds with all of the friends of The Dirt for a couple of years. They reseed very easy, love full sun and drought tolerant. Janis

  10. Kay,
    Those are both beautiful varieties. Very pretty. They add a lot to the garden.

    I bought the vietnamese ones like yours last year and this year they are coming up from seeds. No flowers yet... but growing seedlings everywhere in the edible garden. The only thing I can tell you is they like lots of water but don't let the leaves stay wet. Mine didn't last through the summer. Maybe the ones that are coming up from seed will do better. It IS a learning experience.

  11. Hi Kay...If I recall correctly I think the leaves got so ratty looking that I finally pulled them out. Good luck with yours.


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