Friday, May 27, 2011

Round Two for the Orchids

My poor orchids suffer every winter.  I bring them inside the house when the weather starts getting below 50 degrees and hang them from the curtain rod in the spare bedroom.  This way they get a lot of light filtered by lace curtains.  However, it is really easy for me to forget about them and not water them.  The dry air  of the heated house is hard on them too. 

But, as soon as the night time temperatures begin to rise, I put them back outside where it is easy to remember to water and care for them.  This past January, surprisingly, they all bloomed while still inside the house.  These are some tough orchids.

As soon as the weather permitted, I hung them on the back fence in the filtered light coming through the oak tree branches.  Giving them a spray with the hose is so easy to do back there.  I'm still not very good at giving them fertilizer.  But, they have rewarded me with a second round of blooms anyway.  This round is not as full as the first blooming, but I think it is a good sign that they are getting healthier. 


  1. They're lovely, Kay. Orchids are an addiction that I haven't acquired. I better stay away.

  2. I usually leave my orchids outside during winter, save for the nights when a freeze is forecasted. Then again, They have a cozy spot on my balcony where they get more warmth and protection. Oh, and I'll probably play it safe with the phals this year.

  3. sherryocala - I'm enjoying the few orchids I have. I don't think I'll be addicted anytime soon though. I prefer having plants I can not worry over as much.

    Rainforest Gardener - Wow, leaving your orchids outside in Jacksonville...I'll have to think about maybe seeing how mine will do if I just brought them into the backporch and kept them up against the side of the house. It would sure make watering easier and maybe help with the dryness issues. A few weeks at most inside due to freezes would probably be much better for them.

  4. So nice to see your orchids blooming again. I remember seeing them the first time. Even if you forget to water you do handle your orchids with care. I think they are rewarding you.

    As you probably know I don't have orchids (1 or 2 but I don't think that counts). One of these days I'm going to put some in the trees... my only concern is the squirrels running over them as they chase each other. I guess I'm too cheap to take the chance just yet. One of these days when I get around to it ... in the meantime I'll keep enjoying yours.

  5. Meems - I tried putting one of mine in the crotch of the oak tree and the squirrels tore it up. Hanging on the back fence is not squirrel proof either. One particular squirrel keeps using the same pot to climb down the fence and that pot has fallen many times. Thankfully, it hasn't seemed to hurt the orchid.


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