Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A New Trend

I'm not known as a trend-setter, a trend-spotter or even a trend-follower. There is a definite trend, however, in my choice of color within my garden this year.

Ever since I chose 'Chinese Red' for my front door color, the color red has been my choice in foliage and flowers as well.  Red Flash caladiums were added to the White Christmas caladiums in the front entry-way bed. 

My view when I open my front door is full of  beautiful color as the sun shines through the heart-shaped leaves. 

It seems like I'm spotting the color red everywhere I look.  This angel-wing begonia's profuse red blooms really brighten up a shady corner at the top of  the drive-way.

Another group of red caladiums, Freida Hemple this time, are located to the right of the drive-way.  Some of the bromeliads sport red fingernails while others will have bright red cone-shaped blooms later in the summer.

Even the geraniums I'm babysitting for vacationing friends fit in with the new trend.  This red color is all over the place.

The back gardens are filling up with the new red color trend.  My new love, blood leaf irisine, lights up the dark shady corner in four or five spots now.

You don't think it's possible to have too many red caladiums do you?  I may be pushing it this year.  Honestly, I didn't realize that all the new bulbs I planted were red.  These Freida Hemples snuggle up nicely with the dwarf chenille.

In the new bed under the big oak tree, a native rouge plant is sporting cute little white blooms that turn into red berries.  Depending on how large this plant gets and how it does in winter, I'm thinking of adding some more of these.  Anyone growing this please share your experiences with it.  So far, I really like it a lot.

The new trend for my garden is the color red.  Do you have a trend going in your garden?


  1. Hey NanaK...I love all your red. My front yard in Lkld is red and green with some touches of yellow and our house is red brick, too. It's a combination that goes well with red brick. All your touches of red are stunning.

    I just read on another blog for people who've had trouble leaving comments...which I have on your blog...they should unclick the "stay signed in" box when they sign on to Blogger. I tried it and hurray it worked...now I'm able to comment on some of my favorite garden blogs...like yours.

  2. Love your reds. Do you have any Jatropha trees? That's another nice red touch. One of my Jatropha trees has a plumbago under it. It is large enough that the plumbago mixes with the Jatropha branches. Great combination of red and light blue.

  3. I like red, too, Kay. You can see it on the trim of my roof eaves and my garden benches. I love red and pink together like in Louis Philippe's flowers and even Le Vesuve's which are really medium pink and deep pink - almost red. Your front door is beautiful as are all your caladiums. Never too many caladiums!

  4. I grow the rouge plant. It gets about 3 feet tall. It does seed around, not too bad, so you need to like it if you plan on keeping it. I like it. I always like anything that has berries. I have never seen a bird eating it but hope they might.

  5. I've always been a big fan of red in the garden (inside my house, too). AND one of these days when all is right with the world and that much awaited remodel for the house comes my way I will have a RED DOOR, too. Yours looks great with the red brick trim.

    Red Flash & Freida Hemple are two of my most-used red variety caladiums (have 100 more to plant this week). No, one cannot have too many red caladiums to answer your Q.

    I'm loving all the places you have yours sited. It is looking very lush and full around those oaks. What a nice view coming out of your front door!

    I have one rouge plant also. For all the same reasons you mentioned I haven't gotten more. So far I'm pleased but it is blended with other natives and sort of insignificant all on its own.

    Be sure to root more of the blood leaf this summer. It takes easily from cuttings. I overwintered mine and didn't have to buy anymore this spring.

    Lovely post with all the red! You know you are a trendsetter, Kay... go ahead and claim it.

  6. I,too,have a red door,and our front yard renovation played off of that.Just this past week-end I noticed that I have planted mostly red caladiums,this year.

  7. Susan - I'm glad you like the red:) Blogger makes me crazy sometimes. I never know what is MY problem and what is THEIRS. So, I assume it's always THEIRS. Thanks for the tip about sign-in.

    SiestaSister - Oh, that jatropha/plumbago combo sounds beautiful! I do not have any jatropha, I wonder why? Sounds like something for my "list."

    sherryocala - I thought about Louis Philippe when I was posting this but alas, he isn't blooming right now. Wouldn't you know? I haven't started painting benches red yet, but who knows, perhaps that's in my future.

    Sue - Thanks for the rouge plant info. Three feet is perfect for where I have it. I would love re-seeding too. Those berries are so bright, I really like that.

    Meems - Oh good, I'm glad you think the caladiums can't be overdone. I was sorta' counting on you to tell me that:)

    Sounds like rouge plant is going to be just what I want where I have it if it does OK during winter. We'll see I guess.

    Thanks for the tip about the irisine. I had a few in-ground that came through the winter just fine and that's actually why I have been getting more when I see it. I will take some insurance cuttings this year though.

  8. Those reds do pop in the shady garden, don't they? Love all the reds in your garden, very pretty combinations. I also have quite some red of caladiums in my garden, mixed with pink and white. Right now, my garden is very colorful with all different zinnia flowers, not very trendy :)

  9. Ami - I love zinnias. They are my favorite summertime flower to grow down the fenceline. The butterflies love them too.

  10. Red is an awesome color! Love that choice for your front door. Son #1 and DIL just painted their front door that very hue. No, no, no, you cannot have too many caladiums! Isn't it exciting to see them filling up those empty spaces this time of year? I love them paired with bromeliads too.

  11. Floridagirl - Hey! Good to hear from you. I should have included my bottlebrush tree which IS blooming this year! Yay!


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