Monday, June 6, 2011

Silver Threads in the Garden

This spiny orb weaver, Gasteracantha cancriformis, is a most welcome spider in my garden.  On this particular morning, the sunlight was just right for capturing her lovely web.  The intricacies of this creation are amazing.

She eats mosquitos, flies, moths, and other flying prey that are trapped by her web.  The tufts of silk on the supporting strands are flags to warn away birds and other larger animals that might break her web.  The spiny orb weaver is a pretty spider with her orange spines and black and white spotted crab-shaped body. 

The supporting strands of this web are woven between the lower branches of the oak tree and the top of the butterfly ginger, a distance of at least four feet.  The center circle is about eighteen inches in diameter.  It's like having custom-made mosquito netting that is perfectly suited for the shady corner garden.

Oh yes, this beneficial spider is welcome to make her home here at My Garden Path.


  1. Kay...Your photos are OUTSTANDING! It's not easy to photograph a spider web but you nailed it. They really are amazing works of art. Great job!

  2. Amazing photos of the spider webs!

  3. Great photos.Though,I don't care for spiders,I am always amazed at their webs.I have alot of the zig-zag spiders,in my yard.

  4. they are most interesting busy spiders aren't they. wonderful photos.

  5. In your sidebar photos, are the American Lady butterflies the same as the Painted Lady Butterflies?

  6. Thanks all - I was pretty happy to finally be able to photograph a web. The light was just right. They are fascinating aren't they?

    Darla - the American Lady is a little different from Painted Lady. This one has a white spot in the orange bar of the underwing. Check here for images:

  7. I am very jealous, NanaK. I don't seem to be able to capture spider webs with the camera. Beautiful shots! Spiny orb weavers are faves of mine as well. : D

    P.S. I like your new profile pic.


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