Friday, June 10, 2011

A Morning Look at the Garden

Lately there has been little time to spend in the garden.  What time has been available has been spent watering drought thirsty plants.  This morning I took some time to observe my garden in anticipation of having an entire day tomorrow to spend caring for my favorite place to be.

The crinum 'Ellen Bosanquet' has sent up a scape of beautiful pink flowers.  There are three of these planted at the foot of the Raja Puri banana tree.  (Note for tomorrow:  The bamboo could use a little trim to keep it from covering up the banana tree.)

Oh my goodness!  There are bananas!  These are the first bananas ever at My Garden Path! 

A quick walk over to the circular path around the oak tree allows for a beautiful view of morning sunlight shining through all the colorful foliage of coleus and caladiums.

This is a really tropical looking spot along the path.  The pinecone gingers have grown quite tall and are already forming pinecones. 

Over in a sunny area the white guara is putting on quite a show.  I've never seen it so thick before.  Usually it is quite spindly and thin.  I like this new look.

Little green bees with loaded pollen pockets are enjoying the guara too.  This morning there are many of them and some honey bees too enjoying all the flowers.

One of my favorite things about walking through the garden in the morning is the way the slanting eastern light backlights the normally dark, shady corner. 

I'm looking forward to spending tomorrow outside for the day.  There is much tidying to be done and fertilizing with fish emulsion and compost.  The roses need their monthly Mills Magic application.  A passing rain shower would be a nice occurrence. 

Whatever your weekend plans may be, I hope they include some time in your garden. 


  1. beautiful pictures very nice captions. Always look forward to being in the garden.

  2. Beautiful morning views you have shared here...We just had a passing rain shower, and much needed! I too, hope to spend some time in the garden over the weekend.

  3. Awesome! You have bananas! Did yours burn in the freezes last December? Mine were fried but the stalks made new leaves, and I'm hoping for bananas too. Enjoy your time in the garden tomorrow!

  4. Kay, what a beautiful crinum! I want some of them so bad, but the price was a little steep. I'm glad to see they're so beautiful in your garden. Your bananas are so exciting! I've never seen them emerging like that. Very cool that you happened along with the camera. How long till they're ripe? I've also never seen a green bee. Your white gaura has way more flowers than mine. Thanks for the peak.

  5. Thanks for the walk through your garden. Guara is definitely on my list for next year. Will have to decide....white or pink. My pinecone ginger is also starting to send up pinecones. Much earlier than last year.

    Enjoy today in the garden!!

  6. Your garden is looking beautiful!!!My pinecone ginger isn't putting up pinecones,yet.We received rain last evening.Yea!!! So,today,I,too,shall be doing the compost,Mills Magic(love that stuff) thing,too.

  7. Kay,
    It is always so fun to anticipate a full day in the garden especially after a time of being deprived from it (for whatever reasons). Your crinums are a pretty shade of pink and your bananas have to be thrilling! Green bees are the cutest and I'm happy for you that guara is so thick. I've really enjoyed my pink ones this spring. My gingers don't have pinecones yet but maybe soon since you're a little south. :0

    I'm with you I can just pause and take in that morning slant of the sunshine through the shady garden. So relaxing.

    Lovely photos and views of your ever-growing garden. Happy Saturday in the garden.

  8. Your beautiful pictures made me smile. Thanks for that!

  9. wondering gardener - Thanks for dropping by. I had a really enjoyable Saturday in the garden. Hope you have been able to enjoy time in yours as well.

    Darla - Well, I'm envious of your rain shower as we never did get any rain here. Still holding out hope for it to start raining soon.

    Floridagirl - Oh yes, they froze but I had one Raja Puri (the one with the bananas) and one Ice Cream that the stalk wasn't totally killed to the ground. Hope you get some bananas too!

    sherryocala - I don't know what to expect from the bananas as this is a totally new experience around here. I'll keep you posted:) As for the guara, I have had this little patch that reseeds for about three years now and it has never looked this full before. I love it even when it is more spindly because then I think it really looks like "whirling butterflies." I do like the full flowers though. Who knows how it will do throughout the summer? It is a great plant for dry times and we are definitely dry around here.

    Siesta Sister - Why not buy both pink and white? I did:) My pinecones are early for sure and I also have some forsythia sage blooming. The sage doesn't usually bloom until fall. What's going on? Just when I think I understand the cycles of my plants they change it up!

    ChrisC - You got rain too? I'm glad there are some gardeners getting it, but I am quite jealous. We need rain here. I don't have irrigation in the backyard and so, I drag the hose around for hours. The rain barrels have been empty for weeks now.

    Meems - My actual time in the garden was everything I had anticipated it to be, minus the rain shower. Things are growing and I'm planning future projects already. It is much too hot now for projects for me, but I can dream just fine in the heat. I'm loving your recent posts and gleaning lots from them:)

    FaithieP - Thanks! I think I love photographing my garden as much as anything about it. Glad you stopped in.

  10. Congrats on your bananas. It's always exciting to harvest your own fruit and veggies, too. Your garden beds are filling in nicely and are looking quite colorful. Spending time in the garden is always something to look forward too. I need to get out and plant a few plants I purchased but haven't got around to. I do hope we get some rain soon.


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