Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hot Color for Hot Days in the Garden

All the orange in my garden is turning up the heat.

Crossandra  'Orange Marmalade'

Flowering Maple

Tropical Milkweed

Blanket Flowers

There are lots of Blanket Flowers here along the Path

It takes strong colors to not look washed out in the bright summer sunshine.  These flowers can take the heat of a Florida summer and reflect it back in gorgeous color.  


  1. I love orange in the garden, especially paired with blues. You have a wonderful array of blooms! Enjoy!

  2. Love your oranges! If you had some blue,you'd have a Gator Garden!

  3. Did I tell you I planted a flowering maple earlier this spring after seeing yours? I think mine might be a dwarf though... not getting huge like I think you said yours did right away. Am I remembering correctly? You've got the hot colors going on and last week was surely HOT to match!

  4. All my favorite orangey flowers. They really do stand out in the pretty!

  5. Hot summer colors for sure. My Abuliton is blooming too.

  6. Kay,

    So nice to see oranges and brights, isn't it? I think they add a lot to so much green that we see especially in the rainy season. Pretty cool.


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