Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Random Ramble

While checking on the garden this first day of summer,  I discovered that the Florida cannas are blooming.  Solid yellow blooms against the medium green spear shaped leaves are every bit as beautiful as their hybrid counterparts.

Another surprise in yellow is the forsythia sage bloom spike.  This isn't supposed to bloom until fall.  I have several clumps of this sage in other parts of the garden that are behaving normally.  Yet, this one has several budding spikes. I couldn't catch him by camera, but a hummingbird was visiting these flowers.

Staying in the shade for my ramble through the garden, I spotted the flamingo flower blooming.  I've seen these as bushes maybe three feet or so tall in other gardens, but mine seem content to stay only about two feet high.  Eventually they are going to have to grow or I'm going to have to move them in front of the larger persian shield and variegated shefflera.

Back on the porch, I'm happy to report the pencil cactus is putting out lots of new growth where I cut it in half to give the top portion to my daughter.  She has the pretty half.  It'll be interesting to see how mine shapes up in the future.  This is such an unusual plant I think it will just add to the quirkiness to have a little 'jog' in the growth.

The succulent container I planted last summer is getting leggy from stretching toward the eastern sun.  I really must be more diligent in turning it a quarter turn every few days to help it grow more well rounded.

Today is officially the  first day of summer and due to the ensuing heat, gardening will be kept to early morning hours for the next few months.  Any major garden projects will have to wait until fall to be implemented.( I seem to still have quite a few projects left from the list I made for last fall. )  


  1. The Jacobina aka Flamingo Flower probably needs a little sun...that was the problem with mine and now it's beginning to grow more. My pencil catctus is outside under a tree, it's also putting on new growth. Love your container!

  2. I have a pencil cactus too. A strange but interesting plant. Your flamingo flower is pretty as is the Florida Canna.

    It is much too hot to do much of anything after a certain time in the mornings.

    Hope we all get some rain soon, maybe that will cool things down a bit.


  3. I also have two yellow cannas. The other day they both bloomed one flower and the next day nothing, and nothing since then. It looks like flowers are forming but maybe they're leaves. Is it still early for them to be blooming? My tall red ones are barely under way - and not very tall yet. You have an excitingly diverse garden, Kay. Very interesting to see all your lovelies.

  4. Beautiful blooms! I have a pencil cactus in my bathroom. I didn't know they would grow outside!

  5. I've got to get me some of those yellow cannas. Are they native? It's funny how I always think that hummers are attracted to red plants, but you've reminded me that they do like other plants, too.

  6. Hi Kay,
    My salvia is blooming too. I was meaning to ask you if yours were. Actually a few branches that didn't freeze just finished blooming and now new blooms, too. Haven't seen any hummers around them. Your garden is looking so nice and summery.

  7. Darla - I'll have to root some cuttings from the Flamingo flower and try the new plants in a little more sun to see how they do. I have big plans for the next few weeks of taking cuttings and starting some seeds.

    FlowerLady - It is so hot, but we did get some much needed rain the last few days. Hope you are getting it down your way.

    sherryocala - These cannas are native ones and they are my only cannas blooming. I have seen other hybrids in other gardens blooming but mine are still putting out leaves and not blooms. These native ones seem to form seed pods right away after blooming. I'm cutting them off hoping to encourage more blooms.

    daisy - What a great idea to have the pencil cactus in a bathroom. The humidity and low light would be perfect. I'll have to pass that idea on to my daughter.

    Susan - Yes, the cannas are the Florida native ones. I see my hummers on all colors of flowers. Even the shrimp plants which aren't all that vibrant color-wise are a huge attractor.

    Meems - I'm glad to know my salvia isn't just a weirdo:) I like having its blooms but I'm hoping it will still be blooming when the red firespike does, because I loved that combo last year.


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