Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Roses

My two favorite roses are doing well and blooming despite the heat and the lack of rainfall.  My other roses seem to have less blooms and bloom less often in the heat of summer.  These summer roses are a treat to both my eyes and my nose.  

Julia Child was planted this spring and seems to be happy in her spot against the back fence.  This area is full sun and is irrigated only by me and my trusty hose.  As often as possible that hose is attached to the rain barrel, but lately rainwater hasn't always been available.

This rose starts out a deep butter yellow that fades to light yellow.  My bush is only about eighteen inches tall and about as wide.  I have read that I should expect her to get to be a very round, bushy three feet in all directions.  So far, her leaves have remained a deep green and don't seem to be bothered at all by the heat.

The other rose that is doing super this June is my favorite, Belinda's Dream.  She is just so beautiful to me.  Her fragrance is very sweet and drifts on the breeze so I can enjoy it while I work near her.

This rose is a really big bush.  She is about five feet tall and wide and blooms in continuous flushes.  She does get brown leaves when not watered regularly.  She doesn't have any pest problems though other than last fall she had a little blackspot; but just a little on the backside of the bush.  

These are my favorite roses because of the shape of their blooms and the fact that they bloom so often.  When in bloom each bush is covered with roses.  They both have a light fragrance.  Julia Child is a bit spicy scented while Belinda's Dream has more of an old rose fragrance.  I do not want to spray pesticides or use chemicals in my garden and these roses are doing well without those things.  I love all my roses, but in the heat of summer these two really shine.


  1. Those are two beauties. It's great that they are doing so well in spite of the heat and lack of rain. The rain we had the other night was nice, but we could use a LOT more. I heard on the way home from work yesterday that 93% of the state is in extreme drought conditions. We can smell smoke from wild fires burning here and there, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

    Enjoy your lovely roses.


  2. My roses are flourishing in this heat and drought.Especially the Knock Outs,and my Louis Philippe.Belinda's Dream is on my wish list.That Julia Child is a beauty!

  3. I really must do more research on growing carefree roses, other than the knockouts...truly I suck at growing them for some reason. Perhaps placement is wrong..sigh

  4. What I meant to say is, your roses are outstanding, I can almost smell the fragrance.

  5. Flowerlady - I feel like I'm always complaining about the heat and the lack of rain these days. Really, I know there are seasons and times for everything. The rainy season will be here soon. Right????

    ChrisC - I'm glad to hear your LP is doing great in this heat. Mine quit blooming for some reason. I just hit it with Mills Magic last weekend and now, I'm waiting.....

    Darla - You crack me up:)

  6. I can see why they're your favorites, Kay. They are so healthy so you must be doting on them just fine. Those two have such great fragrance, too. Thanks for sharing them. I'm jealous.

  7. Oh, I must find that Julia's Child!!! Yellow rose is my favorite. Also fragrant, care free and bloom in Florida's Summer?? Wow, I want it!!! LOL

    I am glad that you also posted BD. Mine is still relative young. After I put it in the ground, it set the second flush of flowers. But for some reason, those flowers' edges dries out almost the same day opened, some even did not get chance to open. My guess is too much sun and heat? I put it in a full sun spot, almost from sun rise to sun down. Now its leaves still look nice and healthy, but no flower buds. I am afraid to move it now. Hope once it establishes more, and the weather cools a little bit in Oct/Nov, it can bloom as beautiful as yours. I need to check out that Mills Magic as well :)

  8. Kay,
    Roses are so romantic and beautiful when blooming. I can see why you are captured by these two. I can imagine those fragrances while out and about in the garden add to your joy.

  9. Those are both beautiful, healthy roses. Love the color of that Belinda's I definitely need to hunt down for my garden. 'Julia Child' is doing well so far in my garden, 1 1/2 years later. My all-time fave is still the Cracker Rose, though. : )


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