Friday, July 29, 2011

Late July

My Garden Path is being encroached upon by some very boisterous plants.  The rainfall we received this month  has provided the garden with just what it has been needing to fuel growth.

Some areas have gotten out of hand but trimming and tidying will have to wait until there is at least a little respite from the oppressive heat and humidity.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying the jungle look.  I'm always amazed that the bareness of winter is transformed into the fullness of summer in the garden.

It's important to get out and see just what is going on along the Path.  Even if it is hot, a morning or evening stroll is a must.  If  I hadn't been out checking the garden,  I would have missed this sulphur butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

Gingers and bananas are leaning over the pathway and reminding me that I really would like to move them to the side a little more.  It's easy to forget to move them after they go dormant for the winter, but that's the easiest time to do so.

This area is full of foliage from summer-loving coleus, gingers, caladiums and the huge leaves of rootbeer plant.  In the winter the liriope, leatherleaf fern, mondo grass, beautyberry, and sanseveria will keep things from being completely bare.

The bog garden is still not boggy, but it sure is happy with the regular rainfall we've been having.  I actually prefer not having standing water but I like having plants in this area that can take it if it comes.

The shady areas of my garden, under the canopy of the oaks, are certainly cooler than the areas with full sun, but it is still awfully hot out there.  This is the time of year I enjoy the view from the back porch while sitting beneath the ceiling fans.  


  1. I too have been enjoying my gardens from afar...I do the same thing, wait unitl everything is in full growth mode and say, why didn't I relocate that plant or this plant...stay cool.

  2. Your jungly look is just perfect, IMO. I know what you mean, though. I have a few spots where my path has become very difficult to walk through. Awesome photo of that chrysalis and butterfly!

  3. I know what you meant about "Jungle". that is what I found about my garden after the vacation. I already did some trimming, hww, the weather is just too HOT. I think I will leave the rest of the trimming to later. Your garden looks very tropical and beautiful. Stay cool.

  4. Hi Kay...You are so right about how quickly the plants fill in after winter. It's truly amazing! How lucky you were to catch the sulphur butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. We've got our eye on a couple of them, hoping not to miss them. Your garden is looking very tropical and lush in the summer heat.

  5. Love your jungle! Things are really growing....unfortunately the weeds. Lately after 3 to 4 hours working I am exhausted. I have thinned out one flowerbed and am working on the second. The list never ends, but I love being out there.

  6. Darla - I have more trouble deciding how much room to leave for growth. I either have too much space between for YEARS or too little. Live and learn I guess.

    Floridagirl - I love finding the chrysalises. It lets me know it was worth letting the cats chew up a few plants.

    Ami - I can only imagine your South Florida garden in this tropical weather. But, it is kinda' nice to have all that fullness isn't it?

    Susan - Oh, I hope you get to see those butterflies emerging. It's always amazing to me.

    Siesta Sister - Good job getting your gardening done. It's good to be consistent. Something I'm not being right now. Don't get too hot out there!

  7. Great capture of the Sulphur!Kudos! The weeds are amazing,aren't they?Weeding.I look at it as my exercise...

  8. Love your header photo, Kay. The garden really is a jungle right now. Yours is looking fabulous with all the foliage filling and I never mind moving a banana leaf out of the way for good passage. What a great thing you came up on the sulphur emerging. I've seen so much egg-laying but haven't noticed any chrysallis yet. What beauty you've captured!


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