Sunday, July 24, 2011

Look at Louis

Known as the "Cracker Rose," Louis Philippe is perfectly suited for a Florida garden.  The sprawling bush is virtually black-spot free and still blooms profusely no matter the heat and humidity.

My rose was given to me as a rooted cutting last summer.  It was tiny, having only two canes, but it bloomed constantly.  Soon those two canes became many.  A year later it is about three feet tall and wide.

It blooms in flushes that cover the bush in sweetly scented crimson flowers.  As the rose opens, more of the light-colored center is revealed.  During the sweltering July heat, my other roses are taking a break from blooming.  Louis Philippe keeps showing he deserves his nickname, "Cracker Rose."

The term, Florida "Cracker," refers to the hard-working Florida cowboy  of the 19th century.  These cowboys used bullwhips to herd the cattle, thus the name "Cracker."  The Louis Philippe rose is as able to withstand the harsh conditions of Florida as those early pioneer cowboys.  But, Louis is not only tough, he's pretty.


  1. This rose has been on top of my wish list for a while. Glad to know it performs well in our hot and humid weather rightnow. My BD rose just had one flush of flowers, although smaller and the pedals were dried quickly. My other rose "Josephine's land" is surprisingly doing well with flowers and healthy leaves. I got to find "Louis"! Thanks for sharing!

  2. If Florida gardeners only have one rose in their should be Louis. I caught a hummer taking advantage of the pretty red blooms this past weekend. Your bush is looking nice and full with lots of pretty flowers.

  3. I agree, Kay. Tough and pretty. So glad yours is growing and blooming so well for you. It is sure to become one of your favorites. If I had more space I'd add even more of them. They never quit!

  4. Louie is my #1 favorite plant! ☺ He is truly a winner here in the PITV garden. Can't beat them for sweet scent and winter color. We have 7 now; the two oldest are super-huge (i.e., taller than me), even though I continually trim them back to keep them bush-shaped.

  5. Well, Blogger has eaten my comments to each of you for the 2nd time. GRRR! (I WILL remember to copy before hitting post this time.)

    Ami - Your BD is still young. She'll bloom more when it cools down some. Try finding Mills Magic rose food. It is good, organic stuff.

    Susan - Seeing a hummer on a rose sounds like a beautiful sight. What a great photo that would make!

    Meems - "Tough and pretty" is a great description of Louis. I'm thinking that I could put one more against my back fence....maybe.

    Floridagirl - It's your pictures of your huge LPs that made me really, really want one!

    Darla - Yes, you do!


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