Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peafowl Along The Path

I don't know who brought the first peacocks into my neighborhood but I sure wish they would keep them at their house.

Recently a mama peahen brought her two new chicks over to teach them how to find the best bugs in my garden.  I have to admit the babies are kinda' cute.

She was sure to show her off-spring how to begin the hunt for bugs by scratching all the oak leaf mulch onto the newly swept driveway.  Apparently it's just not as effective to scratch behind the bushes where the mess wouldn't show.

There always seems to be one child who just won't pay attention.  


  1. Thank Gawd,I don't have that problem!I just have Marsh Rabbits,armadillos,and snakes.And I'll keep them over peacocks,anyday.

  2. Yeah, I think I'll agree with Chris on this one. Are they really noisy?

  3. Uh-oh. I'm sorry for you, Kay.

    Every morning (same time~ she must be on a schedule to torment me)I chase out the pea hen that wanders through my garden (no babies thankfully) or I have to scare her off of my roof! I. Don't. Like. Pea Fowl.

    As you know we've struggled with them in great numbers over the years. They are messy and their size makes them destructive in the garden. Now if they ate lubbers... I'd be happy to exchange their mess for food.

    I hope this doesn't become a problem for your neighborhood like ours.

  4. Know what you mean. Sometimes we wake up with peacocks looking into our bedroom window. Fortunately, they don't come around that often. The babies are cute, though!

  5. ChrisC - I have all the creatures you mention except for the rabbits. At least those are wildlife that belong in a Florida landscape. Peacocks? Not native.

    sherryocala - Yes. Very noisy. It sounds like a Tarzan movie set around here.

    Meems - I remember your 'peacock chronicles.' They have been in my neighborhood off and on for the 25 years I've lived here. I don't think they are a problem to enough of my neighbors to get a consensus on getting rid of them. Actually, they didn't come around quite as much when the dog was still here. I guess that little guy really did have a purpose.

    You need that Nolo Bait. Seriously, I have only come across 3 big lubbers all month. Last July and Aug. I was finding 5+ every DAY.

    Susan - Oh my! Peacocks looking into your bedroom must be startling. I don't mind animals, but there are probably 10 peacocks in this flock (or whatever a group of peacocks is called.)That's ten HUGE birds to make a mess digging and well, eliminating wherever they please. In the early summer the grandkids do enjoy finding the big tail feathers from the male birds.

  6. Our 2 16 lb Coton's keep the Peacocks out of our yard. We also have hawks that raised two young in our trees and surely would have had an eye on the baby peacocks.

  7. I'll trade you 2 resident armadillos for one peafowl. At least they are cute. Armadillos are not cute.

  8. I'm with Siesta Sister there. I do think armadillos are cute, but they're gonna be the death of me. And peacocks are beautiful. I drove into a friend's neighborhood once and saw peacocks and peahens walking gracefully across the perfectly manicured green lawns. What an amazing sight! So much prettier and nicer than pink flamingos. I guess it's always different when it's someone else's yard, though. Guess I can be thankful we don't have that problem.

  9. Rick - Hmmm, Coton. I'll have to look those up if I decide to get back in the dog owner world. They look cute and very much like my Bichon.

    SiestaSister - You are right, armadillos are NOT cute. We have some of those too. I guess gardening to attract the birds, butterflies and hummingbirds appeals to other wildlife as well.

    Floridagirl - Well, these peacocks are not walking across perfectly manicured lawn:) They are pretty from afar but NOT in MY yard.


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