Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Garden (Psycho) Path

My Garden Path started out as a circle around the big oak tree in my backyard.  Over the last few years that path has sprouted tributaries that meander off in other directions to allow access to the ever expanding garden.

This cute little sign was made by Darla from More Family and Flowers.  It is so fitting for the path in my garden, not the gardener.  Take a look at Darla's new website From Our Hands to Your Home - Handmade and Vintage and see what other treasures she has there.

Taking a walk around My Garden Path I can't help but revel in all the summer foliage.  Most of these plants will be in their glory for just a few more months.

All the different leaf sizes, colors and textures are what the late summer garden is all about.  There are a few stray blooms here and there but most are resting until cooler temperatures prevail.

That doesn't mean there isn't color in the garden.  There is a lot of color in leaves of differing shades of green, purple, red, pink and even striped and spotted.

The boggy area has finally lived up to its name.  The recent daily deluges are keeping these plants, which like wet feet, very happy.

The path may wander and be a bit unorganized, but it allows a view of the garden from many different perspectives.  Thanks for walking along with me today.

(Don't forget to check out Darla's new website.  It's a fun concept of "haggling" for your price and there are some very interesting things available.)


  1. Thank you so much for the link and the shout out about my new haggling site. I love the way you have displayed the sign. I do hope we get some rain and soon.

  2. Kay, Your garden really looks great! My calidiums are almost all asleep for the year. Heading over to look at Have a great weekend. Janis

  3. Kay ~ The sign is a hoot and Darla did a wonderful job. I love your meandering path through your lovely garden areas.


  4. LOL...funny post title. That sign is cute. It certainly could fit my own garden path. The depressing thought of winter has been weighing on my mind this path week, as I too, like Janis mentioned, have noticed some of my caladiums nodding their heads. :`( It seems like summer just began! How did it go by so quickly?

  5. Your garden looks like it has enjoyed the heat of the summer! Great sign!

  6. ♥ your sign! Darla, took a quick look at your site. Nice!! Will be back later to look more.

    Can't believe that in a few days it will be September. I love the summers...not ready for winter.

    Kay, in the 3rd pic what is the dark colored plant, just to the left of the butterfly weed?

    Have a great week!

  7. I LOVE that sign!! Your garden is beautiful and your photography awesome!!
    I am in Orlando but used to be in Tampa.
    My Dad is in Tampa and heavily involved in Kairos. You may know him...John Gravlin

    Many blessings,

  8. Hi Kay...Love your new garden sign, and taking a walk down your garden path. Your garden is looking very tropical. Thank God for all the rain lately...we're actually getting a morning storm today. Now, I'm off to visit Darla's shop.

  9. Too funny, Kay. What a cute title. I do love the way your garden path is full of texture and foliage. Summer rains have been good to us lately... I would love to have a boggy area for some of those plants that like wet feet. Everything along your path is looking very healthy and happy!

  10. FYI: For some reason the link over to Darla's isn't working...

  11. Darla - You are welcome to at least half of the rain we've been getting. It seems it is either drought or deluge around here. I haven't been able to get out and use the weedeater/edger because of all the water. Hopefully, you will get some rain soon.

    Janis - I noticed some of my caladiums are starting to nod, but I planted some as late as July and those are doing great. When my caladiums go to sleep they leave huge bare spots in my garden.

    FlowerLady - I'm glad you appreciate the humor of the sign. I love it!

    Floridagirl - There is just the barest hint of summer being over from the summer loving plants, but I sure can't feel any hints from the heat index!

    Daisy - Oh yeah, my garden lives for summer. It is the only time I don't have areas of just leaf mulch. But, I'm working on that.

    SiestaSister - That plant is alternanthera 'Black Knight.' It reseeds in my friend's yard, but didn't in mine last year so I got another cutting from her. I would like to keep it going here.

    Audrey - I'm familiar with Kairos but not involved with it so I really don't know the volunteers for it. It has been a real blessing for the ladies I know who have gone through it.

    Thanks for stopping by My Garden Path and for your kind words.

    Susan - It sure feels like the tropics out there with all the humidity and mosquitos. But, I will take too much rain over not enough any day.

    Meems - The link seems to be working for me today, so hopefully it wasn't down too long. Thanks for the alert.

    Right now, most of my yard is a bit boggy. But, I have the right plants for it this year. I do have some bulbine that aren't too happy though. I planted them too close to the wet spot that hasn't been wet in a few years. How easily I forget about it.

  12. Kay: Being late visiting your site. The start of a new school year has been taking me away the garden for a while. Your new sign is cute! Your garden path looks lovely, and those different shade, texture and color of plants make the path interesting even without much blooming. Mine is currently looking like a jungle, and I don't have much energy and time to tender it. Waiting for a cooler time...

  13. Your garden is like a little piece of heaven! I'm a little bit jealous of all that space but I'm happy to see it looks so great!

  14. I love your garden. It seems so fresh being there. The plants were so green that it shows how well they are taken cared of. Like the name of your path...LOL


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