Monday, September 12, 2011

Front Gardens

These first weeks of September have brought over eight inches of rain to My Garden Path.  The backyard gardens are on a slope which drains well from the house but then becomes boggy toward the back fence area.  Standing water, mosquitos and squishy conditions have kept me out of the backyard.

This is a good time to walk around and see how the front gardens are growing.  The many rain storms have made these plants very happy.

The little Australian Tree Fern is getting taller.  It is one of the few plants I covered during the freezes this past winter. I really want it to live up to the 'Tree' in its name.

The Billbergia pyramidalis, are blooming right on time.  They are commonly known as 'hurricane bromeliads' because they bloom during the hurricane season.  All the rainstorms have provided the perfect conditions for them to bloom.

More happy tropicals are growing and blooming on the other side of the driveway.  That Aechmea fasciata bloom has been around for months now.  I love that it is so long lasting.  The Billbergia blooms fade within the week of their appearing.  But they are eye-catching when they all bloom together.

Caladiums are still lending their color to the landscape but some are beginning to lie down in preparation for their winter's sleep.

As the weather clears up a bit this coming week, weeding, edging and trimming are on my agenda.  Starting new veggie seeds to replace those that drowned is planned too.  What's the weather like in your garden?


  1. Your late summer garden is still looking colorful. Those Billbergia pyramidalis are really eye catching! I also bought a small australia fern tree, still in its pot since I have not found a place for it.

    The mosquitos after the rain are also stopping me going to the yard these days. Can not wait for the cool and mosquito-free weather.

  2. Love the look of the Hurricane Bromeliad. My hurricane lilies are about to bloom here. The weather here is dry, I can't believe how much rain you have received!

  3. I'm sure our weather has been identical, since we're not so very far away, as that crow flies anyway. I am loving your front garden. I would love to have shady, lush, tropical plantings in my front garden. I tend to avoid the front in summer because of the scorching heat up there. The back garden here is quite cool and refreshing in comparison. Anyway, I'm lovin' your tree fern, and your bromeliads are awesome! It is sad to think that the caladiums are getting drowsy already. :`( Mine are doing the same. It seems early, but it also seems that they came back earlier than usual this past spring.

  4. We've had 12 inches of rain at our house in the last 2 weeks alone, and pretty much daily rain since mid-July until this week! My plants are loving it, and are growing so rapidly my husband noted last night that the growth we expected to happen over a period of 3-4 years in our new landscape, seems to have happened all at once in the last two months. It does appear that my bulbine, drought-tolerant little boogers that they are, would prefer conditions a bit drier. They have been showing signs of rot from so much water.

  5. Love those hurricane broms... my one lone hurricane brom is also blooming. I need more of them. Your front gardens have really come alive and filled in under your watchful care. The last couple of days I've been enjoying working in the shade with the lower humidity levels. Still blazing hot but better because it's drier.

  6. Ami - I imagine that tree fern will love it in your garden. You shouldn't have to worry about freezes very often down your way. I'll be looking to see where you decide to plant it.

    Darla - I am happy on one hand for all the rain but sure wish it wouldn't come all at once. Surprising to me to think of your area as having dry weather when we have been so inundated.

    Floridagirl - My front yard gets much less attention from me as a rule. It's actually easy to maintain with just some edging and weeding those edges needed. My plans are for replacing the turf (what there is of it) w/ some asiatic jasmine and then it should really be a snap to maintain. I need to make some changes like that in the back.

    Nanette - Your Florida friendly landscape is just what I am striving for but gradually as time and finances permit. My bulbine was flourishing until all this rain. Now, I am not sure if it will bounce back. Hopefully it will.

    Meems - I am so looking forward to being able to get outside and get the jungle tamed a bit. This drier and cooler weather has been just perfect.


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