Saturday, September 17, 2011

Roses Love Rain

All the rain and soggy conditions the last few weeks kept me from deadheading the roses as should be done to encourage less leggy growth and more blooms.  The roses seem to be doing well in spite of my lack of diligence.

Julia Child

The bushes have all grown quite spindly and less bushy with all the extra water, but the buds still keep opening and offering their sweet scents.  The area in front of Julia Child was actually under water for weeks.


The other roses are planted up close to the house and are in a well-draining area.  It was nice to not have to worry about giving them supplemental water.

Louis Philippe

It seemed that whenever I had the time to get outside for a quick trip around the garden with the clippers the rain clouds would let loose.

Belinda's Dream

This section of the garden is ready for some attention.  I am looking forward to spending some time cleaning things up in this area and preparing for one of my  favorite times of the gardening year - Fall.

White Out


  1. Love your roses Nana. White out really captures my attention in this post. The roses certainly have enjoyed all of the rain that's for sure.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Beautiful rose shots, NanaK! You have a nice variety. Glad to see your 'Belinda's Dream' still looking so good. I've been following your updates on her, as I'll be buying this if I ever in my life find one. I've totally let my deadheading go this summer as well. Don't have a lot of time or strength, and I have to spend what I do have with those endless weeding chores.

  3. Your roses look wonderfully healthy and beautiful. I miss my Belinda's Dream.

  4. I am glad that you posted your rose progress. I just bought the alphapha pellets that everybody is raving about. I will apply them to my roses to see the effect. My BD is also growing well, and think it will be better since now we are heading to cooler months. Yours looks very healthy, and flowers are big. The flowers on my BD are still small, maybe because it is still hot out there.

    Still looking for that LP.... and Julia's Child is also on my watch list.

  5. Thanks FlowerLady - I like White Out for it's disease resistance and prolific bloom. The buds start out an antique yellowish white and then the mature bloom turns bright white with a yellow center. The mature bloom in my photo is a bit past its prime.

    Floridagirl - I have got to get out there and weed and trim. I am quite behind in maintenance duties and it shows. I know I will eventually get back on track. Eventually.

    sherryocala - Thanks for your compliments. May I ask why you no longer have BD? I know it's not an antique but it surely is a great rose.

    Ami - I'm glad you found Belinda's Dream and that she is doing well for you. I've got to get out there and fertilize my roses as well as do the weeding and trimming I've been neglecting.


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