Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As the Season Changes

Blue Ginger
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora

The end of the week heralds the official beginning of Fall.  The garden is beginning to show its Fall colors already.  Since the trimming has gotten away from me, the Blue Ginger is blooming underneath the overpowering branches of Purple Firespike which won't bloom until late winter.

Flowering Maple

Flowering Maple has bloomed pretty much non-stop since Spring, but seems to have more blooms than ever now that the nighttime temperature has dropped a bit.

Forsythia Sage, Salvia madrensis and Red Firespike, Odontonema strictum

My favorite Fall flowering combination is this Red Firespike and Forsythia Sage blend.  The butterflies and hummingbirds love these two as well.

I have noticed more buds forming on other Fall blooming plants which are nice to see as many of the Summer bloomers are closing up and fading away.  I love witnessing the changes of season in the garden even though, here in central Florida, those changes are very subtle.


  1. Hi Kay,
    The changes are subtle but Floridians are ever-so aware of each one. Those purple firespike would take over the garden if we let them. Hopefully we'll get to see them bloom this year. My madrensis is not blooming yet but the red firespike has been blooming great and the hummers love them ... thanks to you! (Must strike cuttings this week). I'm SO ready for the cooler weather... more specifically less humidity. Have a great week!

  2. I love your fall blooms Kay. I only have firespike (thanks to Darla) from the lovelies you've shown above. I've not seen any of the others around here for sale. Of course, I've not really been looking for the past couple of years either.

    Once again I am inspired by another wonderful FL garden.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  3. Love your sage-firespike combo! Blue ginger is a personal fave of mine. ♥ ♥ ♥ Mine has been blooming nonstop all year! One of the best investments I've made in this garden.

  4. What? Purple Firespike...hmmm Hopefully you will fill a cool down in the air very soon. The plants and flowers are enjoying the cooler nights here as well.

  5. That blue ginger is gorgeous! I think we're all ready for some cooler weather. Enjoy.

  6. Thanks for the note on the purple firespike blooming later this winter. I got mine from Meems (ty, Meems!) a couple years ago and only finally found its happy place this spring. Now it's big, but I was wondering when I'd see some buds. ... Also looking forward to forsythia sage getting big enough to bloom. I think that start may have come from you!

  7. Kay, What other Fall bloomers do you have really to set bloom? I just cant wait to see my Fall bloomers from Monica Brandies bloom. Janis

  8. The weather is also changing for us in South Florida less humidity. I love your flowering maple

  9. I really like the red of that Flowering Maple.And thanks for the heads up about the Purple Firespike.Didn't know that.
    I'm really looking forward to some cooler daytime temps.

  10. Meems - I sure hope we do get to see those purple firespike blooms. Here I am wishing for cooler weather but not TOO cold. I'm pretty picky I guess.

    FlowerLady - How nice to be able to grow something in your garden from a fellow gardener. Enjoy those firespike blooms! It is one of my best hummingbird and butterfly attractors.

    Floridagirl - Wow, blue ginger blooming all year? I sure hope mine will get acclimated and do as well.

    Darla - What? You don't have the purple firespike? You might have to overwinter it in that wonderful greenhouse of yours but I'll try to root some cuttings for you if you like.

    Daisy - The blue ginger is blooming for the first time for me since I acquired it last fall.
    Hopefully, it will overwinter well.

    Penny - Your forsythia sage should be blooming by now. The purple firespike usually sets buds in December for me and IF I protect it or we don't have any freezes, it blooms late January early February.

    Janis - I'm looking at the beginning of buds on the candlestick cassia, Mexican sage, and climbing aster.

    Rusty - Less humidity makes a big difference in how enjoyable being outside can be. Glad you're getting some relief from the heat.

    ChrisC - The flowering maple has really done well here under the oak. Cool weather come on!


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