Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ahhh...Cooler Times in the Garden

Being outside in the garden these past few days has been delightful.  The beginning of the week the standing water and mosquitos in the bog garden were still around.  But by the weekend the water had drained and the pesky mosquitos were not a problem.

Sunshine replaced the cloudy skies we've seemed to have for days on end.  Butterflies began flitting around the new fall blooms and I have once again found my garden to be my favorite place to spend time.

This spring was the first time I've seen a White Peacock butterfly in my garden.  They were not seen all summer but now, with the cooler weather, they're back again.

Candlestick Cassia is putting up it's namesake blooms.  Several are planted around the Path but this one is the first to bloom.  The Sulphur butterflies use these and the Bicapsularis as host plants.  I love seeing the yellow butterflies, but I love seeing the yellow Cassia blooms too.  Both of these Cassias stay pretty well chewed up, so seeing these 'candlesticks' was a real treat for me.

The Fruit Cocktail Shrimp Plant is really loving the cooler weather.  It is full of blooms.  This is a favorite of my little hummingbird but I haven't seen her around lately.

Aren't these velvety spires beautiful?  The Mexican Sage is really putting on a show even though I have it in a   spot that only gets afternoon sun.  I was concerned that being in shade for half the day might keep it from blooming.  But, it seems quite happy.

These cooler days are a welcome change for this gardener.  I'm going to be enjoying every minute I can outside in the garden.  


  1. Kay ~ This weather we are having is so welcome.

    I love your bog garden. Glad the mosquitoes have left the scene since it dried up a bit. They sure do have a knack of finding water pools to multiply in.

    We have the occasional white peacock. We have lots of cassias, gulfs and zebras, with some little blue cassias, skippers and once in awhile see swallowtails.

    I had candlestick cassia once upon a time ago.

    Love the Fruit Cocktail Shrimp plants, and the Mexican Sage is wonderful.

    Enjoy gardening now that our weather has cooled down and the humidity is less.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. I am enjoying the cooler temps too. Everything feels refreshed to me.

  3. This cooler weather is a real treat. Your fall blooms are all looking beautiful. Your bog garden looks very pretty...mine was mostly dry this summer.

  4. I am so loving this weather! Love those Fruit Cocktail Shrimp plants.No white peacocks here.Darn!

  5. FlowerLady - I just saw the first zebra longwing of the year the other day. They have been scarce this year. They must be more sensitive to cold weather than some of the other varieties. Glad you have a lot of flowers to keep the butterflies happy down your way.

    Darla - Yes, refreshed is exactly it.

    Susan - As long as you have plants that can take wet feet OR dry conditions those bog areas are a snap :) I am ever learning with mine.

    ChrisC - Keep your eyes peeled and I bet you'll see those White Peacock butterflies soon.

  6. your photography sure is impressive! good job. It just made the photos of the flowers a lot more dramatic.

  7. Your garden is like a piece of heaven! It's really great and colorful! Congratulations on it!


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