Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Blush

The day started out as one of the coldest this winter but by mid-day it was gorgeous outside.  This azalea time of year is one of my favorites.

Azaleas under moss-laden oaks are almost a cliche but I love them.  When bursting in colorful bloom they are stunning.  When not in bloom they provide layers of evergreen foliage for spring irises, caladiums and bromeliads to play against.

Pink is my favorite color and there are all shades of it surrounding me in the front garden from the light pink of 'George L. Taber' to the fuchsia shades of 'Formosa.'

These flowering shrubs are reliable bloomers at a time of year when things often look bleak.  This year's mild winter weather however has allowed many of the companion plants to remain green giving the overall garden a more complete look.

It may be a one-type-of-flower show right now, but there is such an abundance of azalea flowers that the pollinators are enjoying quite a feast.

This large carpenter bee is one of many that have been buzzing around the bushes. I just love watching them start flying and flitting as soon as the sun begins to warm the day.

The azaleas may have a short run of blooms, typically lasting about a month, but this show has just begun.  There are plenty of additional buds yet to pop.


  1. My azaleas started blooming in November,and are almost finished.What started out as a frigid morning(28* here!)has turned into a positively lovely day.Hopefully,we'll have seen the last of the cold fronts til next year.

  2. Oh my gosh, look at all of your lovely azalea blooms. I've got a couple of buds forming on my two shrubs. I always enjoy the blooms.

    Have a great week and a lovely Valentine's day.


  3. Wow, you have so many amazing azaleas bushes! They are just gorgeous!!! I especially love the second picture with bromeliads in the foreground, and azaleas on the back, pretty combo! I often want to include a couple of azaleas into my garden, but I don't have any "shady" spots left for them. I guess I will continure adoring yours via the screen every spring!

  4. ChrisC - What type of azaleas do you have? Mine are all the old-fashioned ones that are once bloomers. Some of the newer varieties bloom quite often throughout the year.

    FlowerLady - Thanks for the Valentine wishes. I always enjoy the azalea show. It is short, but I think that makes me appreciate them so much more.

    Ami - I really do have the perfect conditions for the azaleas. Too bad they don't give me a show more often during the year. But, I look forward to February/March just for their blooms.

  5. Lovely, all of them! It is almost time for azaleas to turn this part of SW Georgia into fairyland. I'm seeing color in Formosa-type buds. Only a white that I bought labeled as 'Delaware Valley' white have been blooming since late January, to get nipped back and come back again with unopened buds showing more white.

  6. I love the pictures of the azaleas. I truly miss spring time in Florida.


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