Friday, May 25, 2012

Some Favorite Views

Do you play favorites with areas of your garden?  I have certain spots that I just like more than others.  

One such spot is by my front door.  While it is rather bare looking in winter, it's a whole different story in summer.  The caladiums come up in great numbers and the pentas start blooming just as the bromeliads color up with their bloom.

This shady corner has been shown on this blog innumerable times, but I love the fullness of this area so here it is again.  The Forsythia Sage is blooming early this year.  It usually doesn't send out those yellow spikes until at late August or early September.   

Given to me by a friend as a little, barely rooted cutting, this Red Cascade Rose is earning its continued existence in my garden.  Last year it rambled too much and bloomed just on the ends of the very long canes. I was ready to get rid of it.  It wasn't pretty and it was unruly.  I decided to whack it back in February to about two feet in height.  After the severe cut-back, it had no leaves only thick canes.  I think the pruning was just what it needed to become a manageable climber.  I'm liking the combination of the blue salvia with the red rose.

This holiday weekend I'll be remembering those service men and women who gave all to make it possible for me to live and garden in peace.  


  1. You have some lovely views, which make me want to take a walk through your tropical gardens.

    I've got work to do on quite a few of my 'views'.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. The spot by your front door looks fantastic with those wonderful Caladiums, Broms and Pentas. Such great splashes of red! Your Red Cascade Rose is beautiful and certainly pairs very well with your blue Salvia. I know we all have favourite little corners of our garden, and I'm liking yours a lot.

  3. I know what you mean about favorites in the garden. I often find myself taking the photos of the same view again and again. Love your froggie birdbath, such lovely focal point of that view. Your red cascade rose has very beautiful deep red,love it!!!

  4. Yes, I too get caught up with my favorite views all the time. I love that first photo of yours! All those red and pink hues blend so well together. How lucky to get a cutting of that rose! It does look lovely. Sometimes roses take a little patience and work to get a great plant.


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