Thursday, June 14, 2012

Up Close

After a few days of rain, I found some blooms I just couldn't resist spotlighting with some close-up photography.

Brazilian Plume, Justicia carnea, is a deep shade blooming small shrub that has been blooming off and on since March.  

The Zebra Longwings have been all over the Shiny Leaved Wild Coffee, Psychotria nervosa.  It is so nice to see these butterflies back in large numbers once again.  

False Cardamom Ginger, Alpinia nutans, doesn't look much different from the Shell Ginger, Alpinia zerumbet, I have in a more sunny location.  Hmmm....

The Rain Lilies, Zephyranthes, have multiplied and are putting on the best show since I planted them two years ago.  

The raindrops are still on the roses my sweet husband brought me for our anniversary.  This is a thornless, compact floribunda named, Smooth Buttercup.  I'm hoping it will do well in my no-spray rose garden.  It sure is beautiful and full of buds and blooms.


  1. What great close-up photos. Our rain lilies haven't bloomed yet, and they usually do.

    That's a lovely rose from your husband. I hope it grows and thrives there for you in your no-spray garden.


  2. Gorgeos, all! I'll bet they are thriving on our recent rains.

  3. thanks for posting the rain MIL gave me some a few years back and I didn't know what they were...I love them.

  4. My plume flower has a plume but no pink yet...I should check on my rain lilies...yours are beautiful!

  5. Love those rain lilies blooming and all your colors are so cheerful! We've been rain-less for over a week now. More would be fabulous.

    I've been toying with the idea of where to put some coffee plants ... zebra longwing on them in your garden is adding helping my thought processes. :-)

  6. I love my Wild Coffee.It is just starting to bloom.I cannot wait for it to get bigger.Something is eating my Rain Lilies.Grrr...

  7. Great butterfly captures! I love the zebra longwings! I'm not getting rain lilies yet either! What is going on? They are blooming all over town. Maybe something is eating mine too.... Your 'Smooth Buttercup' is beautiful.

  8. Great pics & comments! Would like to start following your blog!


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