Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roses After The Rain

Some roses decided to bloom during Tropical Storm Debby.  I ran out between rain bands and took pictures since most of these blooms would soon be blown to bits by wind and heavy rain.

'White Out'  

'Belinda's Dream'

'Louis Philippe'

'Julia Child'

I am still amazed that my roses are doing so well.  They get a haircut and compost in February, and a monthly application of Mills Magic rose food.  During the dry season I hand water them about twice a week.  A drip irrigation system is on my wish list.  


  1. Ohh, your roses look so healthy and pretty! I think mine need a little bit more room to grow, as well as the rose food you mentioned.

  2. Ooooh, that raindrop-drenched Belinda's Dream is a gorgeous photo! You do seem to have a lot of luck with roses. I will surely add a BD if I ever run across one. My cracker roses are so ginormous now that they get a good pruning three or four times a year. Keeps them looking neat. They are still my fave. ♥


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